The Beginning of Sol Tribe

I had been working at media companies and advertising agencies in Los Angeles for some time when it happened. I began to get this nagging feeling like something was not right. 

This is somewhat strange, as I worked with some of the best people I had ever worked (a few pictured above) with and had some of the best job perks possible. I worked overlooking Wilshire Blvd in at one of the nicer and more well-known media companies in the world. I love technology, advertising and interesting uses of media to help communicate a brand. As such, I had access to Snapchat, Facebook, CNN, Spin Magazine, VICE, BuzzFeed, Tasty, Spotify, Conde Nast and more. These companies would come into the office and buy us lunch, just so we would take the time to listen to all their new technologies and advertising offerings. 

Still, something did not feel right. I would take my breaks and count down the hours till I would not be at the office. I thought of every festival, business idea, and event in hopes that I would find something that sparked some passion in me. 

I have always loved music, and have been involved in music during my free time as much as possible. I DJ, manage a few DJ's, and do odd end jobs and contracts in music to keep my passion for music alive. However, as most people that have tried to jump into the music industry may know... the money may not always be there, and when it is, it may not be what you had hoped for. 

While I was working at the advertising agency, I began to think about trying to create another revenue source to support my love of music and travel. It dawned on me one day that I should create some type of online e-commerce business and apply my years of experience building brands online, to creating my own brand. 

I am a Leo, and being a sun sign I naturally gravitate to and love the sun. I love surfing and have been a huge fan of any beach or tropical region since I was a child. My personal style is pretty eclectic and could be described as boho, tribal, hipster, with its roots in classic tradition, yet flairs out into acid tripped out products. These products range from a variety of sunnies, hats, and jewelry to other accessories.

It just came together that this vibe I love, and tropical yet stylish aesthetic seemed to be surmised into one idea, Sol Tribe. The problem, however, is that I source products from suppliers around the world, these products are not just from one source. They are from a collective of suppliers around the world. Thus Sol Tribe Collective was born. 

Seeing as my addiction for unique, stylish sunnies has been strong since day one, this naturally seemed like a good starting point. I started to comb the internet looking for affordable, one of a kind sunnies. From here, I went into the next category that has been a staple of mine for many years. The kimono. 

Kimono's are great pretty much everywhere I love to be or want to be, beaches, pools, boats, music festivals, and power lounging worldwide. Sunnies are pretty much a necessity in life as well, not to mention everyone needs a pair of stylish sunnies that brings out their personality and makes them shine. 

Even rocking the sunnies at work...Starting to loose focus at work...Being a guy (ya thats me to the left), I wanted to make sure that pretty much the whole store was unisex, despite its naturally female leaning products. The goal was clear, curate an awesome collection of sunnies, kimonos, hats, and accessories that people could afford, and use across their adventures in life.

Since the beginning of Sol Tribe in August of 2017, this store has allowed me to quit my advertising job, and travel the world while sharing my kimono, and sunnies finds with a tribe of like-minded people. Nothing makes me happier than being able to help our awesome tribe find goods that make their soul scream with joy and brings out their truest self. Our goal today is still the same, to make sure guys and girls around the world can find stylish, fresh, yet unique sunnies and kimonos to fuel their passions and life.

My hope is that if you are reading this, you are following your dream or are taking proactive steps to reach your dream. Make sure you always follow your heart, it already instinctively knows what you need to do. And while you are chasing your dreams, you might as well look and feel your best in some new sunnies that bring out your truest self, and help you shine like you were born to do. 

Thanks for reading.  I/we at Sol Tribe Collective greatly appreciate you for allowing us to live out our dreams. We hope that by providing you with fresh and unique sunnies and accessories that we can bring you one step closer to doing the same. Sending all our love to you Tribe. May your soul and passion shine and carry you to realize your greatest dreams. xo